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Welcome to Poets Square Pharmacy

We’re your home for a healthier life.

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Our Pharmacy

Located in Freehold, NJ, we've been serving the community of Monmouth County since 1989. We firmly believe that being a local Austin pharmacy means providing healthcare services to our patients that are customized to meet their need. At our pharmacy, you're treated like family.

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Refill On-The-Go

Refill your medications 24/7 when you're on-the-go or in the comfort of your home.


Pill Reminders

Set reminders to take your medication or when it's time to request a refill.


User Profiles

Safely store your information and manage your list of prescriptions.


Delivery Options

Request a refill with a single click and have it delivered to your door.


"I've been going here for about 15 years and love the personal attention and service that you don't get at the bigger chains."

-Eric K.

"This pharmacy is great. Some people are ridiculous and expect their pharmacist to violate laws and just give them medicine without a prescription, but these guys obey the law. They are a small mom-and-pop pharmacy that knows its clients by name."

-5 Star Reviewer

"Very friendly staff. Pharmacists are always helpful in answering questions, they're quick and never out of stock."

-Patricia T.